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What is a Health Mentor anyway?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

When I started my business this year, I understood my "why" and knew what I wanted to offer, but I had no clue what to call it. After much deliberation, I chose the term health mentoring. I felt it was the term that most accurately describes the trusting relationship I build with my clients, whereby I share the knowledge and experience I've acquired during my time as a nurse and guide them through a process of behaviour change to achieve their health goals. Like anything in nursing, this process is tailored to the individual and person-centred. There is no "one size fits all", because as humans we're all very different, and there's rarely a "quick fix" when it comes to changing our behaviour.

I use the term "guide" intentionally. This is not a case of me simply telling my clients what to do, but more a process of helping them to figure out the answers for themselves. It's a process that empowers them and teaches them the skills to do it themselves in the future, because if I'm doing my job properly there will be an end state to our working relationship.

When I recently asked my Instagram family what words they associated with nurses, trust came up numerous times, because as a society we have certain expectations of the type of person who takes up that role, right? In building a relationship with my clients, they know that they can trust me. Trust me with their confidential information, safe in the knowledge that I will approach our sessions with absolute integrity. They trust that I've spent years being trained in the various aspects of health. That I'm required to continuously develop my knowledge and scope of practice to remain on the Nursing and Midwifery Council Register. I often follow up on sessions with my clients by sending through links for further reading, encouraging them to learn more about the topics we've discussed from a reliable source, rather than taking my word for it. I'll also do this to provide information on topics where I'm less knowledgeable, because no-one knows everything, right?

The other word that came up consistently was caring, and you better believe I care deeply about my clients. I approach our sessions with compassion, fully understanding how difficult it can be to implement change. I appreciate we generally live busy lives, and it can be difficult to find time to look after our health. It can be uncomfortable to admit how low we prioritise our health, but there's no judgement here, just care, compassion, understanding and dedication to you and your goals.

It's an absolute privilege to help someone to improve their health, and to share in their success. If you're currently not satisfied with the state of your overall health, and are looking for some support, get in touch to book a discovery call because I'd love to help you.

Or if you're not sure about my 1:1 Health Mentoring service, check out the resources I've gathered which you might find useful.

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